Studio process

Drawing and model making is where the work starts. Once models for works are realised, there are several forming stages to prepare a mould so it is ready for casting the glass. The casting moulds are made with refractory materials and these are loaded into kilns with glass ingots. The time each casting spends in the kiln is usually between three to seven weeks. For most of this time the glass is cooling, very slowly, because of the annealing needs of thick and unusual shapes in glass.

Cold working

Once the casting is out of the kiln the sculpture is still very raw and needs to be carved and cold worked. I see these raw cast forms as rough blanks and the process of carving and shaping them is important to build the right translucency and softness in the sculpture. I mainly use stone carving tools that have been adapted to work with glass for these processes. It can take several weeks or months to be completed.