"Glass of the Caesars @ 30: 1987-2017" conference in the British Museum, 3rd-4th November

Paper at the "Glass of the Caesars @ 30" conference, British Museum, London. I have been invited to share my research on ancient Roman cameo glass. For the past 18 months, I have been leading a multidisciplinary team at the Australian National University across Art, Physics-Engerining and Classics, as we research a fragment of ancient Roman cameo glass. Using my studio skills in combination with a high resolution computer tomography scanner, I have been able to observe details on and within the glass that shed new light on manufacturing methods for this extraordinary chapter in Roman Crafts.

iglass2017- International Contemporary Glass Exhibition, Group Exhibition at Levent Art, Shanghai

Delighted to be working with Levent Art in Shanghai and participating in the iglass2017- International Contemporary Glass Exhibition with Micheal Rogers, Amber Cowan, Jiyong Lee and many others!

Solo Exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass

Delight to be invited for my first Museum Exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Glass, for 2019. I am currently working on a new body of work for this venue and will be working with Sydney based curator Holly Williams.